Michael Tedder
Michael Tedder
Sapporo, Japan
Awards / Certifications:
Google Play Indie Games Festival 2018 Top 10
AWS Community Builder
Realtime 3D graphics specialist with a 20+ year demonstrated history of released titles in the consumer games industry. Skilled in C++17, CPU/GPU parallelization, optimization and performance, scenegraphs, OpenGL, GLES, DirectX, GLSL/HLSL shaders, 3D math, and cross-platform API design.
Internet engineering professional with strong focus on security, network hardware and VPC infrastructure, serverless cloud technologies and Docker containers, including development in Python, Node.js, PHP and TypeScript. Public speaker at AWS User Groups and other local events, organizer for JAWS-UG Sapporo and Tokyo Demo Fest, and official AWS Community Builder. Native English speaker and fluent in Japanese.
Technical Director / CEO
Cold Fusion, Inc. (December 2012 - Present | Sapporo, Japan)
Responsible for architecting and developing Cold Fusion's custom in-house cross-platform, multithreaded, high performance 3D rendering and game engine built from scratch, supporting PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms. Integrated CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Deployment) into the core engine build development pipeline, running tests after each commit to ensure stability and quickly fix bugs and regressions, and provide automatic deployments to both the Apple and Google Play App Stores.
Independently developed and published Crystal Clash, a realtime multiplayer, fast-paced action puzzle game for Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, utilizing Cold Fusion's in-house engine tech, with all multiplayer components architected on AWS API Gateway+Lambda, RDS, Fargate, CloudFront, and CloudFormation. Lead and managed schedules for two others (graphic designer and musician), handled asset integration, and in-game text translation and localization into multiple languages.
Exhibited Crystal Clash in the Indie Game Area at Tokyo Game Show 2017 and 2018, and placed in the Top 10 at Google Play Indie Games Festival 2018, and nominated for the Famitsu Indie TGS Media Award at Tokyo Game Show 2018.
AWS Backend Realtime Game Server Engineer
Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc. (Apr 2019 - Feb 2020 | Remote | Contract)
Responsible for designing and developing a fully multi-regional backend for Ultimate Rivals: The Rink & The Court on AWS, implemented using API Gateway+Lambda, DynamoDB, and GameLift, built to dynamically scale and sustain up to 250,000 concurrent players around the globe. Also responsible for implementing custom API authentication using Apple Game Center, client-side support in Unreal Engine 4 to perform matchmaking of up to four players per game, and provide blueprint access to various API calls as needed during realtime gameplay.
Additionally developed tooling in Python to easily handle synchronized code and data deployments between environments (development, staging, and production).
VR Graphics Engineer
Sanzaru Games (Mar 2015 - Mar 2016 | Remote | Contract)
Responsible for creating a highly optimized, fully animated and responsive stadium crowd rendering tech using custom HLSL shaders with Unreal Engine 4's RHI, rendering in less than 2ms for Oculus's VR Sports Challenge.
AWS Backend 3D Graphics Engineer
Animoto (Jan 2013 - Mar 2015 | Remote | Contract)
Responsible for developing and improving Animoto's backend rendering engine, running on AWS EC2 G1/G2 GPU instances, using OpenGL 4.1 FBO rendering to capture GPU output to a video stream. Worked with Adobe After Effects to create plugins to assist designers to create new special effects and GLSL shaders, extending the engine. Handled bi-weekly deployments of engine updates in realtime, checking canary instances for any problems or issues with the latest build.
Audio Encoding/Modulation Engineer
Fieldsystem, Inc. (Jun 2011 - Jan 2013 | Okinawa, Japan)
Responsible for developing a new modem technology called "Soundcode" using frequencies outside of the human hearing range to transmit and receive data through the air with standard speakers and microphones. Data to be encoded was precomputed on PC and mixed with either a jingle or music, and was typically decoded in under a second using an iPhone or Android device at a distance of up to 10 meters.
3D/GIS System Engineer
Okinawa Mapping System (Aug 2005 - Mar 2011 | Okinawa, Japan + Remote)
Responsible for developing a new GIS land management tool for Windows 2000, using OpenGL for realtime 3D rendering of map photographs and terrain heightfields with data taken from planes and satellites. Used both SQL and Excel as a backend for metadata storage and supported importing of polygonal data from ArcGIS.
GameCube 3D Engine Programmer
Genius Sonority (Sep 2002 - May 2005 | Tokyo, Japan)
Main 3D engine and system programmer for Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness on Nintendo GameCube.
PlayStation 2 Engine Programmer
AiCube Co., Ltd. / Fujimic (Apr 2000 - Aug 2002 | Tokyo, Japan)
Responsible for helping to create and build Xeios, a middleware 3D engine for PlayStation 2 consoles.
PlayStation Engine Programmer
Z-Axis (Jul 1998 - Apr 2000 | San Mateo, California)
3D engine programmer for Rollerball, and lead 3D engine and low-level systems programmer for Space Invaders on PlayStation. Also helped contribute to Z-Axis's first cross-platform engine, allowing Space Invaders to be ported to both PC and Nintendo 64 platforms.